What is Mediation?


Mediation is the process of resolving disputes via face to face discussion – often avoiding the need for court proceedings.


Our highly professional mediators remain neutral while actively assisting all parties to attempt to reach a settlement.


Mediation is a confidential process. What’s more, the mediator has no power to impose a settlement. The resolution of the dispute will be one that all the parties concerned will have agreed to.


Mediation involves a meeting between the parties chaired/directed by the mediator, which will usually involve both private and joint sessions. Confidentiality is key. If there is a settlement at the mediation a written agreement will be drawn up. If settlement is not reached, the parties are still free to pursue court proceedings. In cases already in the process of litigation, courts will generally allow a break in order for mediation to take place.


The Solent Mediation Group focus on mediation in the following key areas:



Please read on to understand more about our Services in each of these areas, and the Costs associated with our mediation services. 

Civil and Commercial Mediation

Our highly skilled professionals have a wide range of experience in both business and legal matters.


Ideally suited to resolving a wide range of business, commercial and personal disputes, the process of mediation is forward looking, supporting resolution of disputes involving:

  • Contracts

  • Supply of goods and services

  • Negligence

  • Professional negligence

  • Property

  • Building and construction

  • Landlord and tenant

  • Company ownership/ distribution of profits/joint ventures/future directions

  • Partnership

  • Licensing and franchising

  • Intellectual property

  • Personal injury

  • Employment and workplace

  • Wills and inheritance

  • Trusts

  • Boundaries and rights of way

  • Nuisance and environmental issues

Proficient in handling multi-party commercial disputes, our team offer a flexible process tailor made to suit your exact needs and requirements.With approximately 75-80% of mediations resolved in settlement we offer the ideal solution.


Why not call us today for a no obligation chat to see how your situation can benefit from mediation? We look forward to hearing from you.

Employment & Workplace

Workplace mediation provides a highly effective process of resolving issues in the workplace without recourse to lengthy, stressful procedures.


Reducing conflict and restoring and preserving relationships, mediation can be used to resolve:

  • Grievances raised by employees

  • Complaints of bullying and harassment

  • Where employees have fallen out


  • Problems caused by absence

  • Claims relating to an employee’s contractual terms

  • Collective dispute

Our work place mediation group is part of Solent and Wessex Civil Mediation, covering Hampshore and the Solent areas of Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport and Fareham.

In workplace mediation, our mediators will act as independent facilitators, encouraging parties to identify:


  • What has not worked to date

  • How this has affected them

  • How to agree on a better way of working together for the future.


If the employment relationship has already ended, Workplace Mediation Group mediators can work with the employer and former member of staff to resolve outstanding claims and achieve a settlement, without going to the employment tribunal.


Call us today on 023 9283 1292 for a free initial consulation.

Personal and Family

Potentially serious disputes occur when family and personal relationships breakdown. Our highly professional mediators bring expertise and experience to enable resolution of disputes involving:

  • Cohabitees

  • Inheritance Act

  • Trusts

  • Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act

  • Ownership or operation of family-run businesses

  • Ownership or maintenance of properties owned by families, cohabitees or civil partners

Family disputes concerning matrimonial finances, residence (custody) of or contact with (access to) children are not covered by Solent Mediation Group.



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Mediation costs vary according to the level of claim you are making. Many smaller claims are settled via time limited mediation.

Prices are indicative prices only and will be confirmed by your appointed mediator.

For larger, more complex cases, mediator fees are dependent on

  • Preparation time

  • Experience of the mediator concerned

  • Time spent at the mediation

  • Complexity of and value in the underlying dispute


The cost of mediator fees is generally split equally between the parties, subject to negotiation.

Remember to allow for any fees should you wish to have your solicitor, accountant or similar professional advisor in attendance at the mediation. Additionally, you may require to hire rooms for the mediation.

Remember – up to 80% of mediations are resolved in settlement. Why not call us now for a friendly, no obligation chat to discover just how your situation can benefit from mediation? We look forward to hearing from you.


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